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Vision or medical insurance - Which plan should I use?
Vision benefits cover an eye exam for glasses and contacts. Medical insurance covers medically related eye emergencies and eye conditions such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and cataracts …..
Routine Eye Exams: What's covered and what's not?
Most healthcare plans cover an annual eye exam (with a co-pay) to determine a prescription for glasses and an evaluation of the health of your eyes. Better plans contribute towards the purchase of basic eyewear. Most patients choose to upgrade to styles and designs that best suit their lifestyle. Most vision care plans contribute a portion towards the fitting and purchase of contact lenses.
Medical Eye Conditions: What's covered and what's not?
For a less complicated medically related eye conditions such as a red-eye, a scratched eye or flashes and floaters, expect an office visit co-pay. For more complicated eye conditions, such as diabetes, cataracts, or glaucoma, expect an office co-pay with additional testing applied towards your deductible.
Routine Eye Exams: How often am I covered?

Better vision care plans cover an eye exam annually with eyeglass or contact lens coverage every year. Expect some plans to renew coverage the beginning of each year, while others renew coverage one year from your last eye exam.

Medical Eye Conditions: How many visits are covered?

Medical insurance will cover the initial visit with subsequent visits if needed to resolve the issue or to care for an ongoing issue.

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